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Altar of Dagon are a metal band based in Newark, Delaware.

Inspired by metal mainstays Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Exodus, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian ,Judas Priest and Overkill, they incorporate heavier thrash metal, black metal and death metal elements, citing Slayer, Nile, and Morbid Angel as heavier influences. Ominous overtones of Type O-Negative, GWAR and Cradle of Filth highlight the band’s gothic, fantasy and symphonic metal leanings.

When you listen to Altar of Dagon: Be prepared for a voyage to places that exist only in your Darkest Nightmares and Fantasy Realms, Heavy Guitar Riffs, Thunderous Bass and Drums and Erie Clean Vocals,Primal Screams and Backing Abyssal Gutturals give you vision of what Altar of Dagon is all about!

Shared bills with Ashes of Ares,Tim "Ripper" Owens, Death Angel,3 inches of Blood, Revocation, Battlecross, Into Eternity, Corrosion of Conformity, Gorgeous Frankenstein, Mobile Death Camp, Goatwhore, Single Bullet Theory,Diamond Plate,HARP,Givethemrope,Divination,Infernal Opera,Mistress,Giants of Genesis,World Lost,Into the Void and many more.

"Dagonian Doom Demo" (E.P. Released in 08)

"Scriptures For This Dead Earth" (Full length released in 2010)

"Crawling Chaos" (E.P. Released in 2011)

"Rantings of Mad Men" (Full length Released in April 2013)


* Chapel Stormcrow (vocals)
* Devilston von Doom (guitars)
* Saculus von Doom (guitars)
* Mike "Youngblood" Potter (bass guitar)
* Kevin Volker (drums)
* Kushal Naik (Keyboards)

The Name

The name Dagon is a corruption of Dagan, a Sumerian agricultural deity worshiped by the Sumerians, Akkadians and to some extent the Babylonians. Dagan means “The Plough of the Heavens”. Confusion over the name spread quickly when Semitic tribes invaded Sumer, and in later Septuagint passages the name Dagan was written using the Hebrew character dâg, “fish”: henceforth the god became associated with fishermen and sailors throughout Phoenicia and Canaan.

During the rise of Christianity and fall of paganism in Mesopotamia Dagan was demonized, described as a seafarer’s vision of Satan, or anti-Christian evil, personified. Horror master H.P. Lovecraft took advantage of this and created Dagon “The Deep One”, a minion of Cthulhu - one of the most distinguished antagonists in all of horror fiction.

Some occultists equate Dagon to Satanism’s Leviathan, one of Satan’s four Crown Princes and the ruler of the West. Despite this the band members are not openly affiliated with any religion.

Random Facts:

* CHECK OUT ONE OF THE FOUNDING MEMBERS Big Evil (Steve Zippilli) He is a prolific and talented tattoo artist. He owns Abby Normal Tattoo Studios in Newark, Delaware.

*Chapel Stormcrow & Saculus Von Doom own Dirge Studos in Newark De.

Dirge Studios Cephlopod Records