Altar of Dagon lineup 2016

Altar of Dagon Newark, Delaware

When you listen to Altar of Dagon: Be prepared for a voyage to places that exist only in your darkest nightmares and fantasy realms. Heavy guitar riffs, thunderous bass and drums and eerie, clean vocals, primal screams, and backing abyssal gutturals give you an idea of what Altar of Dagon is all about!

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Altar of Dagon - Nacht Der Untoten

Track List
Released: 07/04/2016

  1. Nacht Der Untoten [5:55]
  2. Tag Danach [4:14]
  3. Dealbreaker [4:01]
  4. Dagonian Death Rider [4:00]
  5. Cthulhu Calling [3:15]
  6. Space Metal Juggernaut [7:15]
  7. Seer of Six [8:40]
  8. Ahnruk Skullsplitter [5:57]
  9. Darsha and Molivan [5:50]
  10. The Runner [4:35]

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